February’s Xbox One update delayed until later this week

February's Xbox One update delayed until later this week

It had be widely expected that Microsoft’s February update for Xbox One would hit the download servers today. Sadly, it seems as though there is going to be a slight delay — although no reasons have yet been given. While gamers all over the world will be keen to get their hands on the update, they are going to have to wait until some time later this week while it is completed.

The revelation came via a Tweet from Major Nelson, although he did not go as far as explaining the delay in any great detail:

While this will undoubtedly cause frustration for many Xbox One owners it is heartening that the update is still going to make an appearance this week — at least if everything goes to plan.

It is good to see that Microsoft is spending time making sure that the update is complete and ready to roll out rather than sticking rigidly to a schedule and risking releasing problematic software. Major Nelson does promise to provide more details about the delay when they are available, but it will no doubt be forgotten in a couple of days when the update is released.

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