Father of Windows NT now working to evolve Xbox platform

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Dave Cutler, the man responsible for inventing the core technology used in Windows NT, is now reportedly working for Microsoft's Xbox team in an attempt to evolve the entertainment platform.

From what Mary Jo Foley reports, Microsoft will utilize Cutler to evolve the Xbox platform into a "complete home entertainment device."

For those that don't know, Cutler began his work on Windows NT back in the 1990s and eventually Windows NT became the heart of all Windows products, such as the popular Windows XP. Just recently, Cutler spent time working on Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

Now, one can presume that Cutler is likely working on the next generation Xbox console, since the original Xbox operating system was built on a fork of the Windows NT kernel. But this still remains to be seen.

Even though much speculation has gone into whether Microsoft will be announcing a new Xbox console at this years E3 conference, a senior marketing director at the company recently announced that they will not be announcing any new console just yet.

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