Fashion photographer uses Lumia 950 to shoot the street at the Milan Fashion Week -
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Fashion photographer uses Lumia 950 to shoot the street at the Milan Fashion Week

In recent years, smartphones cameras have gradually gotten very good, to the point that they can now reliably act as many people's only photo-taking apparatus. But how far can they go in a professional setting? Nokia's, and now Microsoft's, Lumia line of smartphones seems to have been pushing the limits for a while now with innovations in both camera hardware and software.

Understandably, they have also attracted many open-minded champions from the professional photography world (like this National Geography photographer), the newest of which is famed young fashion photographer, Nima Benati with the Lumia 950.

At 23 years old, Benati has already worked for several famous Italian fashion brands and magazines, and is a style icon in the fashion industry. This time, Benati used the Lumia 950 to complete a whole photoshoot of street style at the Milan Fashion Week, to test out whether they can be distinguished from products of a professional camera. The result, dare I say, is not too far off. You can see them, along with Benati's comments about the experience in the video below (note: the video is in Spanish).

While the video unfortunately does not have English captions, the gist of it is that Benati was rather impressed with the Lumia 950's photo quality and bevy of adjustment options in the camera, allowing for shooting under a heavily cloudy sky. Continuum also was another plus point as she frequently stays in places without computers. Talking about computers, look how she's happily drawing on the Surface Pro 4 in the video (apparently for reviewing and editing shots).

All in all, the Lumia 950 seems to be a perfectly adequate piece of kit for professional photographers in a pinch. We're not too sure that Benati would leave her expensive studio equipment behind for Microsoft's flagship phone, but the pictures should speak for themselves: the Lumia 950 takes really great photos.

Feature image courtesy of Nima Benati.

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