Fan posts his own Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 concepts

Now that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has officially been released worldwide, all attention at Microsoft (and with Microsoft enthusiasts alike) has shifted towards Redstone 2. It is fitting then that one Windows 10 Mobile fan took things into his own hands and posted ideas and concepts for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2.

As originally posted to Reddit, Jonathan Dennis believes that "Microsoft has an exciting chance to move from third to first place in our modern computing era." To help out, the public health nurse created this website, where he posted his purely conceptual ideas for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2.  Overall, his "Second Anniversary" concepts overhaul the design of Windows 10 Mobile and make it appear much more like the Windows 10 Desktop experience.  Here's a look at his concepts:

  • Cortana everywhere: A living breating always on Cortana in the status bar.
  • A simple status bar for everything you need in the box to the right.
  • Large tiles for more content and more customization.
Jonathan Dennis' Windows 10 Mobile Start Screen
Jonathan Dennis' Windows 10 Mobile Start Screen

His concepts not only would overhaul the Start Screen, but also would bring changes to the way users navigate from and within apps.

  • No more menu controls: A start meu replaces the menu controls and can be be toggled via auto hide, with a tap to peek, and a pull- up to open, and pull-down to close.
  • Split screen multi-tasking
  • A back button built into every UWP app
  • Hambuger menus which peels smoothly from the edge with a long swipe.
  • Menu customization which lets you adujst the size with a short swipe.
  • Back gesture which can be accessed from a swing to the right and releeased back to the left to quickly go back.
Jonathan Dennis' idea for Windows 10 Mobile menu
Jonathan Dennis' idea for Windows 10 Mobile menu

Additionally, in Jonathan Dennis' version of Redstone 2, Cortana would live to the left of the home screen, or from the tap of the status bar. Notification Center, Search, and tiles also would get improved. These improved features include:

  • Menu transparency
  • Minimal search, with just a search icon
  • Minimal icons that are no longer inside a square
  • Cortana apepars inside notification to help you manage and take control.
  • A smart, people first noficiation center: If the notification is from a kown contact it will show his or her picture.
  • Widget support and interactive live tiles with a current tile space that lets the user know exactly where they are.
Jonathan Dennis' idea for the notification center
Jonathan Dennis' idea for the notification center

Again, the features mentioned are one fan's concepts and are not under official consideration by Microsoft or even in their pipeline for Redstone 2.  What do you think of Jonathan's ideas? Would you like to see any of these features in the next version of Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below.

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