'Family Guy's Quest for Stuff' looking to rebuild the low-end Windows Phone gaming sector

Kareem Anderson

Family Guy's Quest for Stuff is looking to rebuild the low end Windows Phone gaming sector

It would seem Microsoft’s Lumia low-end adoption rate may be too much for existing Windows Phone developers to ignore these days. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, is joining a batch of recently updated apps that are targeting low-memory Windows Phone devices. The Quest for Stuff app is now reversing course on it’s 1GB memory requirement and developers are now optimizing the game for 512MB wielding devices.

“Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff” takes you to the rebuilding of the town of Quahog, after its destruction by Peter Griffin in another epic battle with the giant chicken. (We’re not making this stuff up!) Rally your favorite characters from the animated TV series to help you.”

Install “Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff” for free from the Windows Phone Store.