Fake Windows 8 key generators discovered, Trend Micro not-surprisingly labels them as malicious

Not surprisingly, there are some fake Windows 8 key generators floating around on the internet for those who want to have a bootlegged copy of Windows 8. Trend Micro has analyzed these key generators and has labeled them as malicious and is warning everyone, especially those who manage to stumble upon a key generator.

“We got hold of two samples that are packaged as key generator apps for Windows 8, which are available on http://{BLOCKED}en2eqqh2.cloudfront.net. Key generators are used to generate serial numbers and are typically used for bootleg copies of a paid software. Based on our analysis, the apps we’ve found are malicious. Trend Micro detects these as TROJ_DLOADR.AAD and TROJ_ARCHSMS.B respectively,” Trend Micro stated in an official blog post. TROJ_ARCHSMS.B tricks the user into thinking they can activate Windows 8 by sending a SMS to a certain number, while TROJ_DLOADR.AAD tricks the user into thinking the trojan is a Windows 8 activator. It’s not surprising that cybercriminals are trying to jump aboard the popularity of Microsoft’s new operating system to attack unsuspecting victims. “For security purposes, users must avoid visiting or downloading from untrusted sources. Better yet, users should instead purchase the legitimate program,” Trend Micro adds.

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