Fake version of Skype app causes havoc on Android

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It's no secret that Skype has become very popular. Now, new malware is trying to jump aboard the Skype bandwagon by posing as an official Skype app on the Android marketplace. The malicious app is designed to earn money from unsuspecting victims.

Fake version of skype app causes havoc on android - onmsft. Com - july 11, 2012

The malware was discovered by Trend Micro and has already named this threat as "JAVA_SMSSEND.AB." The malware only runs on older Symbian or Android devices that allow execution of Java MIDlet. This threat is not a good fake, according to reports, because instead of presenting the app in an .apk package, which is the common format for most apps these days, the threat is presented as a .jar. "While the app poses as an installer for Skype, what it really does is install a piece of malware. The devil is in the details: in the background, the malicious app sends expensive international text messages to earn its creators revenue," the report adds. Make sure you download the official Skype app from the official link here.

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