Fake Spotify app found on Windows Phone marketplace

Zac Bowden

New reports are stating that Microsoft has released a fake Spotify app onto the Windows Phone Marketplace, costing 99 cents. The app creator has tried to make the app look real by using the Spotify logo and name.

WPCentral.com is reporting that a fake Spotify app has been uploaded to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and costs 99 cents.

The app was published by a user name khanamish, and has tried to mimic the spotify app for Windows Phone 7. Although the app uses a different logo to the legitimate app, users have still mistakenly paid 99 cents and downloaded the app thinking it was legitimate.

The app’s unprofessional description is as follows: “this application allows user to access to all new songs,trailors,lyrics new techs and news all in a same place in a single touch .to enjoy and entertain.”

However, the app offers some sort of functionality, such as offering some news feeds and YouTube videos. The app is still available for download now, we advise you to steer clear.