Music locker service may connect OneDrive and Xbox Music

Faint hits begin emerging to a music locker connecting OneDrive and Xbox Music

Streaming music from OneDrive should be a no-brainer for Microsoft; however, the ability has been rumored for months and we have yet to see anything. New word says that we may finally be closer to an actual release. Text from the Xbox Music web app has alluded to the possibility of a new 'music locker' service in the works.

There are lots of references to 'locker' in the HTML and JavaScript in the Xbox Music web app; this is most likely referring to the ability to save songs to OneDrive and the ability to stream music from any device with the Xbox Music app installed. The service would be fairly straightforward from a feature and usability stand point -- users would add songs to their OneDrive Music folder and when they are uploaded, they are automatically added to the user's collection of music.

Presumably this feature would enable users to have access to their entire collection of music -- even songs which are not currently on Xbox Music. It is unclear if Microsoft will require any separate app or subscription to enable this service, as this can be more legally challenging than technically challenging. The code does reference a 'locker app' but it is unclear if this is just a part of the Xbox Music app, or if it will be separated.

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