Facebook app for Windows Phone gets updated with sticker comments

Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Dec 9th, 2014 inNews

Facebook app for Windows Phone gets updated with sticker comments

Stickers, Facebook’s big emoji-like icons, have been available in Facebook’s Messenger apps for sometime, but for Windows Phone users, there was no way to view stickers in the comments without using the beta app. The non-beta version of the Windows Phone Facebook app received an update today, adding a way to view sticker comments, already included in a recent update to the beta version of Windows Phone Facebook app.

The new update also features a variety of performance improvements, general bug fixes, and localization fixes. There are also fixes to data sense settings, notification navigation, as well as fixes to feed resiliency and feed navigation. Finally, there is a UI update related to issues with choosing a light theme on your Windows Phone. Sometimes, when using a light theme (vs. dark theme) through your Windows Phone’s display settings, there would be issues reading your Facebook news feed; missing news items, or glitchy interface. 

Many of these issues were already addressed in the Facebook beta app, but have only now been addressed in the non-beta Facebook app. While the ability to use stickers in the comments feed is a welcome addition, Facebook may want to focus on unifying the Facebook app experience for Windows Phone users by providing one comprehensive app, instead on relying on two separate beta and non-beta apps. 

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