Facebook for Windows Phone gets updated, News Feed and other improvements

Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Jan 29th, 2015 inNews

Facebook for Windows Phone gets updated News Feed and other improvementsThe Facebook app for Windows Phone got an update today. The non-Beta version got update with much of the same updates that Facebook Beta has already received; like the Top Stories option for the News Feed. It’s starting to get quite confusing (and annoying) on which Facebook app is better or most useful. I think Microsoft should combine the two Facebook (non-Beta and Beta) apps to create less confusion with the updates and otherwise.

The new update to the non-beta Facebook app for Windows Phone has a number of updates to the Feeds features. A full list of the Facebook app update is as follows:

  • “Top Stories” News Feed and improved News Feed ranking
  • Improved “Most Recent” News Feed
  • Improved News Feed content
  • Profile Timeline improvements
  • Group feed improvements
  • Event feed improvements
  • Page feed improvements
  • Fixes for People Hub content

Please let me know what you think about Microsoft’s Facebook versus Facebook Beta dilemma on the Windows Phone in the comments section. Does it annoy you that there are two “official” Facebook apps on Windows Phone? 

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