Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile downloadable for some

Late this April Facebook rolled out a set of their apps to Windows 10 users including Facebook and Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile. Now the Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is downloadable for some users.

This is a beta version of the app and as MSPowerUser points out you may need to change your region to France or search through your library of apps (if you have the Windows 10 version) to be able to install it. I changed my region to France, installed it, and changed it back and it’s working very well.

As is the case with all of Facebook’s new Windows 10 apps this is an iOS port using Facebook’s own OSMeta. The benefit of this is that the apps  are extremely feature rich. The apps we’ve already seen on Windows 10 from Facebook are just slightly behind their iOS counterparts in terms of features. For example, voice calling isn’t available for Messenger users and the Go Live button has only shown up for a few users and that was after iOS got it.

The downside to this strategy is that the apps don’t use the Windows 10 design language. You also get some Windows 10 features like live tile support but at the moment there are no interactive notifications.

This Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is no exception. Despite being in beta it has just about every feature you’d see on iOS or Android. A notable exception is Go Live but again that’s being rolled out gradually and tested among the PC users so I would be surprised if it didn’t make the leap.

Here’s a link to the app, although you still may have to change your region to get it to install:

Facebook (Beta)
Facebook (Beta)
Developer: Facebook Inc
Price: Free
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