Facebook wants all unofficial Facebook apps out of the Windows Phone Store


Facebook isn't too happy right now. Facebook is now demanding all third party Facebook apps be removed from the Windows Phone Store over a trademark claim.

According to a report by WPCentral, Facebook has sent a letter to Microsoft for help in the matter of removing all 41 third party Facebook apps from the Windows Phone Store. In the letter, Facebook lists each app name including one thats titled "Facebook WP8 beta." Facebook is touting trademark infringement and wants this rectified as soon as possible.

The majority of these imposter apps are there because Facebook provided no real solution at the time of the Windows Phone Store's launch. Some of these apps actually provide a decent to great user experience. But now that the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 is currently in Beta, it makes sense that Facebook wants to eliminate any confusion that resides when a user searches the store for "Facebook" only to find numerous imposter apps.

For those who are unaware, the new Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 features a major redesign and has implemented several user-requested features. Those features include support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline.

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