Facebook moves to Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud

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At WPC 2016 today, Microsoft announced that Facebook will use Office 365. Facebook sees Office 365 as the best tool to help their 13,000 employees be more efficient and more productive. Facebook joins Cushman and Wakefield, Atkins and many other enterprise customers that use Office 365 to handle all their business needs.

Facebook CIO Tim Campos sees Office 365 as supporting Facebook’s mission; “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

With the support of Microsoft, Facebook is more poised to handle the demands of the more than 1 billion people that use Facebook daily. In order to meet the growing needs of Facebook’s users, Office 365 gives Facebook the tools necessary to be more efficient and instill the continued innovation at Facebook.

Campos describes how Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud will help Facebook be more productive:

“Office 365 also brings capabilities beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are hard to replicate. Delve, using the Microsoft Graph, brings a new level of intelligence to collaboration by offering additional insights on how our employees work with each other. It tells individuals who they are collaborating with the most, and how much time is being spent where. The personal analytics, and other features like Focused Inbox, help create greater effectiveness at work. We’re also very excited about how we can leverage the Microsoft Graph within our own internal Facebook tools and services. This will help our employees sift through the noise by surfacing the information that is most relevant for them.

As Microsoft continues to innovate with Office 365, we will continue adding and rolling out more services that have value for Facebook. In that way, we’re not just buying the capabilities that Office 365 offers today. We are also buying capabilities that Microsoft will offer over time, and expect even greater things to come.”

Ultimately, Facebook will benefit from all the tools available from Office 365 while continuing to innovate and be more productive.

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