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Facebook Live now on Windows 10 app

Update: While it downloaded fine on my Surface, it may be rolling out gradually. Some of us at WinBeta already have it while it hasn't shown up for others.

We had already seen the feature spotted on the Windows 10 but now it's officially here. Users of Facebook can now use Facebook Live directly from their tablets and PCs using the Windows 10 Facebook app.

Facebook Live is a growing popular video streaming service and being added to the Windows 10 app relatively quickly is a great sign. With Facebook using their own porting tools for their apps such as Facebook and Instagram we expected feature parody with the iOS apps. Hopefully this trend continues and all Facebook features become fully available to Windows users (such as a similar Facebook app coming soon to Windows 10 Mobile).

We got the news of the addition from Josh Vassar on Twitter. It doesn't seem to be listed in a change long for the app but I tested out the feature and can assure that my live stream did show up on Facebook and is currently receiving comments from my friends. The app was updated yesterday but the change wasn't listed.

facebook live
facebook live

To go live just click the button that I've highlighted in the picture above. You can then see what your stream looks like and go live.

Developer: Meta
Price: Free

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