Facebook introduces new Timeline feature

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Timeline is a brand new feature that Facebook have been working on that document’s your life and put’s it in one big… timeline. You get to choose who you share it with, and who can comment on it.

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference has brought many new features to Facebook, and today is no different. Timeline is Facebook’s brand new digital scrapbook of your life. Timeline will start recording your data from the day you we’re born, until the present moment.

Videos, pictures, any type of content will be added to your timeline for viewing in chronological order. The page will be split in two, the top will include a profile picture and the bottom will include the birthplace, time and date of the person.

Here is a video, demonstrating the new Timeline feature.

Facebook is the world’s leading social network, with over 750 million active users and 700 billion minutes spent using the site per month, the social network just keeps on growing.

What are your thought’s on the new Timeline feature? Tell us your thought’s in the comment’s below!

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