Facebook introduces new Graph Search feature, powered by Microsoft's Bing

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Microsoft's Bing search engine and Facebook have jointly revealed a new feature on Facebook that allows users to search across all their content and connections to discover new people, places, and things. This new unified search feature is called Graph Search.

"Earlier today during a press event at Facebook headquarters, Facebook showed the work they have done to allow you to search the content you have shared on Facebook – called Graph Search. This means people can search across all their content and connections on Facebook to discover new people, places and things," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Basically, one can search for a music artist on Facebook and find Facebook content as well as search results from Bing, which include concert tickets, news about the tour, and other web results. These search results will be annotated with Facebook Likes and Shares as well. Microsoft believes this is a "powerful combination."

The search page will feature a two-column layout that showcases Bing results on the left side and Facebook results on the right side. Microsoft and Facebook will spend the next two weeks experimenting and innovating this new feature.

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