Facebook gives users a Christmas present in new Windows 8.1 app update

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Facebook gives users a Christmas present in new Windows 8.1 app update

Facebook has been working hard on their official Facebook app, which was released on the same day of the Windows 8.1 (on October 17). As a Christmas present to all of its user, Facebook has rolled out a big update to the app – adding new features that will surely improve your experience.

Even though the Facebook app does not have all the features we can see and use on the official social website, Facebook has been frequently updating their app to get close to that point. With the new update, users can finally:

  • Edit posts, post privacy, and comments
  • Add/Remove people from groups and lists
  • Create albums and add/delete photos
  • Use the a new pack of stickers
  • Refresh in “Nearby”
  • Search thread names when choosing conversation members
  • Copy link to post
  • Get a small indication when new stories are available
  • Have their profile picture synced across other devices
  • Get a 320 snap view for the whole app
  • Get an improved toast notifications to remove already seen messages, old stories, etc.

This app is one of the many apps that many users have been waiting for. With Facebook having an app, and given the popularity of the social service, this app and its updates are a welcomed addition to Windows 8.1. So far, the app already has over eleven thousand reviews and most of them are four to five stars.

The download link has been posted below, be sure to update and try out the new features. Comment below on what you think is the most welcoming new feature!

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