Facebook Gaming to hold a special event for Mixer video game streamers this weekend

Brad Stephenson

Facebook Gaming

With today being Mixer’s final day online, Facebook is swooping in with a special Facebook Gaming event for those streamers who have migrated over to the platform.

Starting on July 24th and running through to the 26th, Facebook Gaming will be highlighting ex-Mixer streamers and also giving viewers the chance to get free stars, a kind of digital token used to support streamers on Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming is a bit different to Mixer and the more popular Twitch in that its entire game streaming service is hosted within the main Facebook social network. This is why most people use Facebook daily yet have no idea that Facebook Gaming is even a thing. Even for those who follow Facebook Gaming streamers, a lot of the streamers they follow frequently get lost within posts from pages and groups that they follow as well.

Despite these navigational flaws, Facebook Gaming has a massive userbase (basically all Facebook users) which is why a growing number are enjoying massive success there.

Are you an ex-Mixer streamer and have you jumped over to Facebook Gaming? Or have you joined Twitch like all of these other streamers? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Facebook for more tech and gaming news.