Facebook Fires Back at Google+ With New Gaming Features

After Google took the spotlight today to showcase the addition of several games to its new social network and Facebook competitor Google+, Facebook has retaliated with the unveiling of several new features for Facebook Games, only hours after Google launched its social gaming platform.

Facebook unveiled the Game Ticker, which transforms the right sidebar which is normally used as a Chat column into a news-feed of all your friend’s game activity. The column displays what games your friends are playing as well as achievements earned. Of course, you can control what appears in the stream, just like the News Feed.

Facebook also unveiled a new expanded-screen mode for games. This is a cool feature as it allows you to ‘harvest your crops’ on a bigger screen. Facebook also allows you to bookmark your favorite app or game so it can easily be accessed from your news feed.

On the flip side, Google plans on introducing 16 Google+ games gradually to its members and will soon be accessible via a button on Google+. Google plans on improving its social gaming feature to ensure “quality before quantity” is followed. “[We] will continue to add new partners and new features in small steps, starting with today‚Äôs release of the games APIs to a small number of developers,” Google stated.

Google may be a late comer to the social networking arena, but it has made an impact thus-far. Google+ now has more than 10 million members since its launch on June 28. Social gaming, on the other hand, is the reason Facebook was able to achieve its stardom, so it is no surprise that Google+ would have a gaming feature.

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