Facebook Beta app updated, doesn't include new 'Like' variation

Microsoft, for some reason, maintains two versions of its Facebook apps on the Windows Store on Mobile: an "official" version (but still made by Microsoft), and a "Beta" version that supposedly gets updates quicker with new features for testing. The latter has just received a new update today, but it seems to lack a bit of newness compared to counterparts on other mobile platforms, reports Neowin.

That missing new bit is the new 'Like' emoji feature. Frequent users of Facebook must have at least once come across a post where 'liking'  is not the best emotion to express, despite being the only thing you can use to show your acknowledgement. Facebook seems to be tackling this exact issue with the new 'Like' emoji. The feature works by hovering over or long-pressing the 'Like' button, after which a menu with a few emotions including 'like', 'heart', 'angry' among others, will pop up for you to choose. After such a long period of awkward likes, we can imagine these emoji will be very welcomed by Facebook users.

Here's what Windows Mobile users are missing out on Facebook. Courtesy of The Verge.
Here's what Windows Mobile users are missing out on Facebook. Courtesy of The Verge.

Which makes it sad that the feature is still not available for the Facebook app on Windows of any kind, whether 'Beta' or 'Official', even with the latest update. If it is any consolation, it is also not yet present on Facebook's Paper app for iOS; the update, while lacking this particular feature, does fix a few nagging issues of the app. We can of course hope that 'Like' emoji will come to it some day in the future.


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