Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile gains Continuum support in latest update

Microsoft maintains two versions of Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile in the Windows Store, beta and non-beta. As expected, the beta version receives features first and is typically updated more often than the shipping version, but if you’re not keen on experimenting then you’ll be glad to know that the non-beta Facebook app received an update today.

Here’s what’s new and different:

• Redesigned for Windows 10
• Improved user experience for bigger screens
• Interactive notifications
• Improved navigation
• Improved photo viewing experience
• In-line video playback and improved video experience
• Continuum support
• Narrator support
• Improved localization quality
• More languages supported
• Web Account Manager SSO support

That’s a pretty hefty update. So, if you’re a Facebook fan and want to have the best Windows phone experience without going the beta route, then hit the update button or download the app below. It’s not the official Facebook Universal Windows app we’re all waiting for, but it’s better than nothing.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: unknown
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Are you using the beta or non-beta version of Facebook on your Windows 10 Mobile device?