Facebook and Drawboard PDF apps for Windows 8.1 receive improvements in latest update

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Facebook and Drawboard PDF apps for Windows 8.1 receive improvements in latest update

Two new app updates are available in the Windows Store, if you have the official Facebook app or the popular Drawboard PDF app for Windows 8.1 installed. Both app updates bring forth new improvements in this latest update.

If you are not familiar with Drawboard PDF ($7.99), here is the app description: "The best PDF app to annotate, view and manage your PDFs. Ideal for replacing the pen and paper, avoid printing documents again by using our features that make annotating a PDF a breeze. Either upload or create a new PDF, annotate using our extensive array of tools, then save it back as a compatible PDF." Here's whats new, as currently stated in the app's change log:

  • Fixed a bug with the "Send me updates" check box not ignoring the user’s choice.
  • Added a Favourites Toolbox. Add tools to it by selecting a tool and then tapping/clicking the Star in the Radial Menu
  • Can now open password protected documents
  • Improved annotation selection
  • Added semantic zoom
  • Improved Text Review tools
  • Improved Activation Key experience
  • Improved Pen performance
  • Improved memory performance
  • Improved saving stability
  • Fixed a bug where the last viewed page was not remembered in some cases
  • Note annotations are no longer flattened when flattening annotations on a page or in a document
  • Fixed some bugs with Smart Zoom
  • Mark-up History now displayed chronologically
  • Can now scroll through a document by swiping in the black areas around the document
  • Fixed a bug with rotating pages not rotating properly
  • Pressing enter after typing in the search box now starts the search
  • Better handling of files that are in use by other apps
  • While opening a document a toast notification is visible until the document has been opened
  • When inserting or deleting a page the view no longer resets to the first page
  • Fixed a bug causing pen/ink strokes to blink after drawing
  • Fixed a bug causing the popup keyboard to cover inserted text when attempting to edit it
  • Other minor bug and UI fixes

The official Facebook app also received an update, adding a few new improvements along the way. Aside from bug fixes, the app features the ability to turn off chat, the ability to double tap to zoom photos in full resolution, and various other accessibility enhancements. The app update also allows you to create, join, and leave a group, as well as adjust black/white high contrast modes. You can also edit privacy when editing posts and utilize a better Snap view.

Hit the download links below to force the app updates. Enjoy!

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