The face of the Windows Insider program Gabe Aul receives promotion after Windows 10 launch

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Over the past few months former General Manager of the OSG Data and Fundamentals team, Gabe Aul has surfaced as the funnel of communication between Windows 10 Insiders and the Windows 10 team. Typically, Gabe used his Twitter account to alert Windows 10 Insiders about build releases, bug fixes, security updates and answered users questions when he could. Although Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson speak to developers and journalist about Windows 10 at conferences and showcases, Gabe Aul has been the source of reliable information for Insiders during the in-between months.

With the overall successful launch of Windows 10 behind the Windows 10 team, a few pats on the back and some celebratory parties are in order. Among the congratulations and celebrations bestowed upon the Windows team, Gabe Aul received a well deserved one.

A Waggener Edstrom PR guy name by the name of Greg Chiemingo took to Twitter to congratulate Gabe on his recent promotion. According to Greg, Gabe had been promoted to CVP. Gabe later confirmed the promotion with an official change to his Twitter bio. Gabe’s new title reads Vice President, WDGE Engineering Systems team. We’re not completely sure what the title means in regards to Windows 10, but for Insiders worried about a Gabe-less experience in the future, for the time being he seems to be still involved with communications. Gabe continues to speak to Insiders and Windows fans through tweets and pictures posted on his Twitter account. As part of his Twitter description, he also urges people to follow him for updates on the #WindowsInsiders program #Windows10.

As a Windows Insiders and on behalf of the team here at WinBeta I would like to thank Gabe for his hard work, and congratulations on the promotion. After a long and complicated Windows 10 development cycle and release, Gabe’s promotion is well deserved.

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