Face-swapping apps taken to a new level with Project Murphy

Dave W. Shanahan

Project Murphy

Today at Build 2016, Microsoft introduced Project Murphy, a fun new face-swapping website. The team behind the How-old.net at Build 2015 came up with the idea for Project Murphy. Project Murphy started off as an experiment last year and now runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

How-old.net was used by over 90 million people that uploaded a picture to see if the HowOldRobot could correctly guess their age. Project Murphy will be an even bigger hit; it is now available as the newest Skype bot. Project Murphy is a Microsoft experiment running on Azure and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services AI, that is integrated with the power of Bing Search. Chatting with Project Murphy via Skype is a lot of fun and extremely addictive.

Chatting with Murphy is a breeze on Skype; ask Murphy a question, starting with “What if,” and Murphy will do its best to see if it can guess what you mean. For example, “What if Mother Teresa was Michael Jordan?” will yield this for an image result:

What if Tiger Woods was Michael Jordan?

Project Murphy is still a work in progress, much like Tay was for Twitter, as Murphy doesn’t always get all your “What if” questions correct. With the help of Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite, Murphy will continue to evolve into a better bot through more human interactions and machine learning.

At this time, Microsoft is testing out Murphy as only a SkypeBot for now, in order to avoid the catastrophe that was Tay on Twitter. In addition, if you upload any photos to share with Project Murphy, your picture will  be stored for only 10 minutes, after which your photo will be deleted. Project Murphy will only generate face-swaps for images you ask for.

Learn more about Project Murphy and start having some fun with on Skype.