Internet Explorer’s F12 developer tools given visual overhaul to improve user experience

Internet Explorer's F12 developer tools given visual overhaul to improve user experience

Developing for Internet Explorer just got a little easier with the new update for the F12 developer tools from Microsoft. As a part of a longer program of improvements, the tools have seen a number of large updates throughout the year so far, however this latest offering is primarily a visual overhaul.

Following the most recent update, which opted to use a vertical design in order to maximize screen real estate to improve user efficiency, the developer tools have received a great deal of feedback from users, most of which was positive. A significant subset however were moderately unhappy with the change, noting that while it allows for more information to be displayed, the new icons and layout led to confusion for users of all ability levels.

As such, the layout has been moved back towards a more traditional form, yet keeps significant elements of the vertical approach of the original change. Tool icons have now been replaced with tool names, a drop-down menu to access tool names that didn’t fit has been added and when tools are docked they maintain the same functionality.

Users are encouraged to try the new layout and offer feedback in order to continue the improvement of the overall experience on offer. Are you happy with the latest change to the F12 tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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