Explania.com brings viral animated explanations to UK market

Instruxion, the Brussels based provider of animated explanations and interactive tutorials, has launched Explania.com into the UK market today. Explania.com, headquartered in Belgium, enables businesses to virally distribute and embed short animated movies into their corporate website. The videos are replicated virally and are quickly seeded into the Long Tail of content for that topic because they cover generic topics such as ‘What is RFID?’ or ‘What is ADHD?’ or ‘What is twitter?’ – they’re not advertisements. The Explania.com platform tracks where the videos have appeared, what sites they’re loaded to, number of views, click-throughs and other vital analytics for marketers. The combination of the educational and generic nature of the topics makes the animations spread quickly, which has a dramatic impact on SEO and SEM – making Explania.com a powerful online marketing tool. The viral distribution of animated explanations and the ability for businesses to sponsor them makes Explania a powerful content marketing platform.

Over 3000 websites globally currently embed Explania.com animations within their own website, generating more than 500,000 visits per month. Explania.com clients sponsor animations with neutral content with the aim of pulling viewers through to their own website. According to Geert Coppens, CEO of Instruxion, Explania.com animations complement search engine optimisation and advertising via Google Adwords:

“The viral spread of the animation is targeted – health movies are embedded by health websites, financial animations are taken over by financial websites, and so on. The spread is fueled by referrals from social networks. The widespread embedding means Explania.com animations also receive a consistently high score in Google search, helping companies to improve their SEO.”

Stefaan Wybouw, sales and marketing director, Explania.com adds:
“Most brands want to tap into the power of video and animation in their marketing and sponsorship – but constantly developing unique, bespoke content saps resources and budgets. Our growing library of viral animations are a powerful tool for sponsors that want to get key messages across such as “What’s new in Windows 7?”, “How to choose a safe password?” or “How to use LinkedIn to find a new job?”

Wybouw continued:
“Explania.com animations are a powerful content marketing tool, which demystify detailed information and terms that are used daily across the pharmaceutical, automotive and financial services industry for customers. Explania gives brands the opportunity to embed and host quality viral information, for free, on their own websites and make huge strides forward in their SEO and SEM capabilities as a result.”

William Benn, formerly with EuroRSCG and now leading Instruxion’s UK business development, said:
“I really believe in the future of online advertising, and the Explania platform offers companies a unique way to reach their target audience using viral techniques and establishing content in the long tail for that topic.”

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