Explaining the 8.10.12400 and 8.10.14147 updates for Windows Phone 8.1 and the 8018830f error

Explaining the 8.10.12400 and 8.10.14147 updates for Windows Phone 8.1 and the 8018830f error

Earlier today, Microsoft rolled out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 (GDR1) as a preview for developers. Unfortunately, several hours later, we have begun to see some confused people. But it’s not their fault for being confused, because Microsoft rolled out two updates today.

We’ve receiving a plethora of emails from confused readers, as well as noticing a lot of users in our comment sections asking why they haven’t received their update or that their update has failed to install. Let’s take a look at these two updates and explore why today’s update failed.

The first update that Microsoft rolled out today was 8.10.12400.899. This update is small and is roughly 20MB in size. Microsoft recently halted any further updates to the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers due to a bug which caused some handsets encrypted with Bitlocker to crash when installing an update. This halt not only postponed the next preview update, but it has also postponed ALL updates for those on the preview. Thankfully, the small update released today fixes this issue.

Secondly, Microsoft rolled out an update which bumped the version number to 8.10.14147.180. This update is the real deal — giving developers a chance to preview the next update to Windows Phone 8.1, known as Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took it to Twitter today to acknowledge that some users are indeed experiencing an error when trying to install Update 1. “Folks seeing error 8018830f on update- we’re looking into it, thx for letting us know. Its a very small %, so the rest of you keep going,” he stated. Belfiore also added that Microsoft thinks the issue is related to low system storage. “If you hit the update error, it’s unlikely that retrying will work. We think it’s related to low system storage. Give us some time,” he adds.

It also appears that some devices, such as the HTC 8X and HTX 8S are not receiving Update 1, at least not yet. You can read about that issue here.

So there you have it. If you are experiencing issues installing the update, check your system storage and free up some space. Otherwise, you will have to wait for Microsoft to resolve the issue.

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