Experience the 8-bit glory days of the 1980s with GunWorld Xbox One Edition

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GunWorld is the latest 8-bit indie game to hit the Xbox One. GunWorld is a planet where guns literally grow on trees. These trees, called GunMothers, are damaged by an alien spaceship that crashes onto GunWorld and begins to slowly kill all the guns on the planet. Someone in GunWorld must step up to stop this alien threat before all the GunMothers die and all the guns are gone!

Only one person can stop the aliens from destroying GunWorld and President Eagle calls on Dwayne: the biggest, baddest GunMan in all of GunWorld to shoot these alien invaders to pieces! Dwayne is GunWorld's only hope to save the GunMothers and GunWorld from imminent destruction. In GunWorld Xbox One Edition, players must battle through a series of levels in any order you want as you unlock special weapons and equipment. Each new unlock allows for repeated level runs solo or with a friend. Do you have what it takes?
Buy GunWorld Xbox One Edition from the Xbox Games Store ($1.99)
Buy GunWorld on Steam ($1.99)

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