Expedia Windows Phone app updated with new design, car rentals

If you’re a big traveler, you’re likely familiar with travel experts Expedia. If so, and you’re a Windows Phone user, you might be interested to know that Expedia updated their Windows Phone app today.

The update includes a few new features and some design updates. From the changelog:

– VROOM VROOM! Put the pedal to the metal as soon as you land now that you can book a rental car in the app.
– Improved navigation! Colors now distinguish travel category (hotels, flights, and cars).
– Fix! Said “Goodbye!” to some bugs.

As you can see here, each category has its own pleasant pastel color scheme, which gives a better visual cue of exactly where you are in the app.

Experian Windows Phone App Update Color Scheme

Those are sure some nice pleasant pastels!

We’re always happy to see apps get updates, and as Windows Phone users, we’re hoping that Expedia decides to put out a Universal Windows App sometime soon. That’s been the trend lately, and we’re sure Microsoft wants every developer to jump on board.

Expedia Hotels, Flights, Cars & Activities
Expedia Hotels, Flights, Cars & Activities
Developer: Expedia
Price: unknown
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Do you use Expedia on your Windows phone to plan your trips?