As expected, Spotify rolls out an update to Windows Phone app

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The imbroglio around Spotify has finally come to an end: as we reported this morning, we learned over the weekend that Spotify was planning to drop support to its Windows Phone app, a decision that many Windows phone owners were not happy about. However, Spotify contradicted that previous report earlier today, as the Swedish music streaming company shared that it would continue to support its Windows Phone app as well as release an update for it later today with improved support for Windows 10 Mobile.

We're happy to report that the updated version has finally landed at the Windows Store. Unfortunately, the change log is of the old update:

  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Now rename your playlists and delete radio stations you don’t listen to anymore.
  • scrobbling support

While it's good news to see that the app is still getting support, the Spotify Windows Phone app is still way behind its iOS and Android siblings. As one of the leading streaming music services out there, we really hope the company  will take the Windows platform seriously and develop a new universal Windows 10 app. As we told you on a previous post, don't hesitate to check Spotify community forum and to let your voice heard over there!

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