Existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices will get a free upgrade to Windows 10

Existing Windows Phone devices will get Windows 10

Yesterday was a very busy day. Microsoft showcased Windows 10 and what it will bring for PCs and smartphones at their campus, and honestly speaking, I'm impressed. Unlike Windows Phone 8, the main question is if Microsoft will roll it out for existing devices or will they face the same fate as WP7?

The good news is: existing devices will be able to get Windows 10 as an update, some features may vary depending on the hardware configuration of the devices, but in short, it will come out. Microsoft has emphasized on this fact several times before, and it hasn't changed until now.

The timing of the roll out may vary depending on the model and carrier it's tied to, but the company didn't give out an exact roll out date for the stable version. Though, Microsoft mentioned it will release the technical preview of Windows 10 for phones sometime in February so users could give it a try, and provide their valuable feedback to squash any bug which may be present.

As for devices with Windows 10 pre-installed, users may have to wait for sometime before that becomes a reality.

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