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When the HP Elite x3 is released, it will pack a multitude of exclusive HP designed business themed apps. Thanks to a tip from our reader Mark (thanks, Mark!) we can report that and have come across screenshots and listing information for these HP exclusive apps. We’ve given a rough translation to‘s coverage of these apps, and have included brief descriptions for you below.

To begin, the Device Hub appears to be an application dedicated to checking the status of the HP Elite X3. Checking for new software, pulling warranty information, getting IMEI information, and submitting opinions on the device are all things which can be accomplished from within this app.

Device Hub (Image Via
Device Hub (Image Via

Display Tools is an application dedicated to changing the display settings on the HP Elite X3, be it dim settings, or screen locking settings.

Display Tools
Display Tools (Image Via

HP Salesforce is a business app which redirects to the HP Salesforce login website.

Fourth up is HP Picks, which directs users to the Windows Store in order to download other apps which have been chosen by HP.  HP Picks Workspace, meanwhile, is another app which currently redirects to the HP Workspace website. This app was previously detailed last week, and allows business users to use virtualized Win32 apps when the handset is connected to HP’s Continuum dock.

Rounding out the list of apps is HP Settings and HP Voice Recorder. HP Settings lets the user alter the settings which are unique to the HP Elite x3, such as double tap to wake, and the Iris Anti-spoofing and Tilt Mode technology.

HP Settings
HP Settings (Image Via

The final app, HP Recorder, needs no description, as we originally covered this app back in June when we first learned that the HP Elite x3 would have exclusive apps. The Voice Recorder app, nonetheless, lets users record sound while enjoying a simplistic and clean interface from within the app.

These apps are all buried within the Windows Store, but with no official download links for them just yet. Nonetheless, pre-orders for the HP Elite x3 are now open, meaning you can soon enjoy these apps, and the super power of the HP Elite x3.

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