The exciting world of Project Spark Beta is now open to all Xbox One users

The exciting world of Project Spark is now open to all Xbox One users

While Xbox fancies many exclusive titles including Titanfall, which is clearly giving it an edge over Sony’s PlayStation, that's not all what Microsoft is tapping on to. The giant has just made Project Spark, an Xbox platform which provides developers with the tools to create their own game worlds, open to all Xbox One users. 

A closed beta began earlier in the month, but now you won’t need the beta code to access the game anymore. Just search for “Project Spark”, and install the game. The Xbox One users also get Performance Capture support with Kinect- a feature that lets the gamers record their animations and voice.

In a way, you can think of it as Minecraft. Just like in the game, you can create your worlds, but with Project Spark, you can also create the plot, characters and many other things. Check out the video below to get a taste of Project Spark's world.

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