Excellent Windows 10 archiving app 8 Zip on sale for just $0.99, down from $19.99

Need to extract a ZIP or 7Z file on your phone? Or maybe you want an archiving app with a cleaner interface? Well, you’re lucky then. 8 Zip by Finebits, the developers of Torrex, has discounted their app with 95% of its original price.

8 zip’s regular price is $19.00, which may be a little too much for some. However, today, the app has once again been discounted to the same price it was in May. The, more reasonable price for 8 Zip is now $0.99, and it will remain like that for the next six days only, so hurry up.

So, what is the advantage of 8 Zip compared to tools like WinRAR (which is also paid), or 7zip (which is free)? The biggest difference is that 8 Zip is a part of the Universal Windows Platform and runs on your tablet and phone. The interface is well suited for touch devices, which may be the app’s main selling point.

You can download the app from the link below:

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Will you buy 8 Zip?