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Everything new in TypeScript highlighted at Build 2016

If you're a Windows developer, then Microsoft's Build 2016 was likely a pretty exciting time for you. If you weren't able to attend the event in person, then you're likely relying on coverage of the individual sessions to keep up with all of the news. We're happy to oblige as we can, of course, and on that note here's some information on TypeScript, Microsoft's free and open source programming language.

As a superset of JavaScript, TypeScript expands on the popular language:

TypeScript starts from the same syntax and semantics that millions of JavaScript developers know today. Use existing JavaScript code, incorporate popular JavaScript libraries, and call TypeScript code from JavaScript.

TypeScript compiles to clean, simple JavaScript code which runs on any browser, in Node.js, or in any JavaScript engine that supports ECMAS

Types enable JavaScript developers to use highly-productive development tools and practices like static checking and code refactoring when developing JavaScript applications.

Types are optional, and type inference allows a few type annotations to make a big difference to the static verification of your code. Types let you define interfaces between software components and gain insights into the behavior of existing JavaScript libraries.

Of course, Build wouldn't be complete without session recordings, and here's a video covering everything that's new in TypeScript. Check out the description, and if it seems like it's worth the time then give the 60 minute or so session a watch.

TypeScript has seen enormous growth in the past year. Today, it is used to build several key frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic, etc. Several large applications such as Visual Studio Code and Office Web Applications are also built using the same, with more coming online every day. Are you curious why marquee frameworks and large scale apps choose TypeScript? In this talk, we'll go through how TypeScript enables you to leverage features from the current and future of JavaScript while increasing the productivity of JavaScript development across the board. We'll talk about some of the latest features of TypeScript, including future ECMAScript proposals such as Async Functions, support for Angular and React/JSX, the state of the art type system capabilities, and how it all comes together to make working and creating things in JavaScript more productive and fun with TypeScript.

Check out all of our Build 2016 coverage for everything there is to know about the current state of Microsoft development. Let us know in the comments if there's anything we're missing out on covering.

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