Every Halo: MCC easter egg shown in new video

Sean Cameron


The modern video-game has grown a great deal when compared to its humble origins; from two dimensions and Pac-Man, we have come to swollen budgets, entire worlds and the likes of Halo. Throughout this all, one thing has remained constant, ‘easter eggs’.

Rewards for the hardcore player, these are often small, humorous messages or images scattered through game worlds, with the Halo franchise in particular sporting more than a few. Indeed, one enterprising player has gone through the whole of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, finding every easter egg, and even filmed himself doing so.

Coming in at over 21 minutes long, and with 210 separate easter eggs, two things are immediately apparent. The first is the tenacity of the video maker, the second is how much attention was lavished by Bungie and 343 Industries on the respective game worlds.

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