Evernote update brings over 100 new emoji to the Windows 10 app

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The official Evernote app has updated to Version 6.11 on Windows PCs and tablets running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This latest update improves the drag-and-drop functionality, improves the loading of notes, adds a new zoom feature to the image gallery, and brings support for over 100 new emoji. Here’s the official release notes.


  • Improved drag and drop support for lists, to-dos, and tables
  • Added incremental zoom control in the image gallery mode
  • Added support for hundreds of emojis using typebehind including ??????
  • Improved the performance of note loading


  • An issue where some clipped content is not visible in notes
  • An issue where words added to the dictionary aren’t remembered between app launches
  • An issue where some notebooks are not listed when moving a note from a joined notebook
  • An issue where attached PDFs and Images are sometimes not searchable
  • An intermittent issue where new users can sometimes see no content after first launch
  • An issue where a new note is created in the default notebook when a stack is selected instead of the first notebook in the stack
  • An issue where rotating an image or annotating it results in the size of the image getting reset
  • An issue where Google drive links cannot be opened when the enable descriptive links is checked
  • Several workchat issues including one where a user is taken back to the “All Notes” view after a sync is performed
  • Several top crashes

The official Evernote app is a traditional Windows app that ironically replaced the modern touch-enabled app that launched during the Windows 8 era. Do you use Evernote on your Windows device? Let us know if you enjoy using it (or not!) in the comments below and make sure to like us on Facebook to get the latest Windows 10 app update news every day.

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+
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