Evernote unveils “all new” app for Windows

Dave W. Shanahan

The Evernote logo.

Aside from releasing a Windows 10 Universal app, Evernote updated its Windows desktop app with some new features, such as better search options and user interface improvements. In late 2015, Evernote updated its Evernote Touch app to make it more Windows 10 friendly.

As Evernote details in a blog post, the new features include:

  • Select ‘Notebooks’ to pull up all your notes in the Note List. Expand the ‘Notebooks’ section to reveal all the notebook stacks and notebooks not organized into a stack.
  • Drag and drop a notebook into or out of a stack to move it to a different location.
  • ‘Trash’ now sits permanently as its own section, permitting easier access to deleted notes.

There is also an updated sidebar functionality so that the sidebar can be reduced to a smaller presence within the app. An added accessibility feature allows Personal and Business Evernote accounts to be open within two tabs along the top of the sidebar.

Today’s update also improves the functionality of its Windows desktop app search options for those Evernote PC users. Evernote integrates the search options to make it easier to search and access your Evernote Notebooks.

“You’ll notice that the search bar sits at a new, more natural place on top of the Note List, closer to your results. Now when you perform a search, Evernote will suggest narrowing down to specific notebooks and introduce parameters to refine or broaden the breadth of your search. Evernote will also scavenge through ‘Trash’ for relevant notes that might have been accidentally deleted.”

As Evernote continues to improve its Windows desktop app, Evernote reminds PC users, it is always working to keep the app updated with the best features available with “Evernote Windows users in mind.” You can always let Evernote know what features you’d like to see in future updates to the Evernote app in their official blog comments section.

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