Evernote Touch app updated with new features

Brad Stephenson

Evernote Touch Windows App

The Evernote Touch app has updated for Windows devices and has added several features to help improve its note editing and help it compete with the other cloud-based note apps such as Microsoft’s OneNote.
Owners of Evernote Touch can now create checkboxes, attach photos to a note, discard changes, and play an audio file from within the app. A lot of these new features were already available in other versions of the app (like on iOS) so it’s good to see them make their way to the Windows version.
I personally used to use Evernote quite a lot but since last year I’ve gradually transitioned almost completely over to OneNote due to its more streamlined and easy-to-use interface. Do you still use Evernote or have you moved on to another similar app? Maybe you use several services? Share your recommendations with us in the comments below. We’d love to know what everyone else is using.

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+