Evernote integration now available in Microsoft Teams

Arif Bacchus

The folks at Evernote today announced they have teamed up with Microsoft to bring their note-taking app into Microsoft Teams. After installing the Evernote app from the Microsoft Teams in-app store, users will be able to share, pin, edit, and search Evernote notes without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Here are some of examples of what this integration will allow you to do within Teams:

  • Sharing notes with your co-workers directly from the composer by clicking the “…” button in the toolbar and selecting Evernote.
  • Notes can be pinned to a channel by pressing on the “+” button on the tab bar and selecting Evernote.
  • A phrase can also be entered in the search bar to paste an Evernote link.
  • To edit notes, you can click on the note from the Tab bar and edit it in the same window. This edit feature will only work on Google Chrome or on the downloaded Microsoft Teams desktop app.

microsoft teams integration hero

Microsoft Teams already integrates with several popular productivity apps such as Trello or Adobe Creative Cloud, and of course Microsoft’s own OneNote app. Anyway, it’s nice to see that another quality note-taking app finally jumped on the Microsoft Teams bandwagon.