Evernote and Quiet Hours for Windows Phone 8 updated with new features

Evernote for Windows Phone

Recently, two excellent applications, namely Evernote and Quiet Hours, were updated for Windows Phone 8 and introduced a bunch of new features and enhancements.

Starting with Evernote, it’s one of the best productivity applications available at the moment. The service has a web application, as well as dedicated ones for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, and makes sure that all your notes are in sync on all your devices. Recently, the application received an update, bumping it to version, and brought along a few new features including the inclusion of a Post-it Note Camera that allows users to capture a photo of a Post-it Note and enhance it, the ability to add multiple Post-it Note snapshots to a single note, and more. Here is the list of new features introduced in the latest version of Evernote:

  • Post-it Note Camera
  • Snap a photo of a Post-it Note to digitize and enhance your handwritten to-dos and ideas
  • Automatically assign notebooks, tags and Reminders to different colors of Post-it Notes
  • Add multiple Post-it Note snapshots to a single note
  • Search through handwritten text in images

Additionally, Quiet Hours for Windows Phone also received an update. The application give users the ability to schedule specific hours in which your smartphone will go on silent mode, restricting calls or messages. The latest update comes with a new design, renamed “Apply” button to “Test Now” in the scheduler settings and more. Here’s the complete list of enhancements introduced in the latest update of Quiet Hours:

  • Redesign
  • Toggle tile now switch between silent and normal mode regardless of your scheduler times
  • Apply button renamed to Test now, by pressing on in you can set current mode according to your scheduler settings
  • Now you can set more precise time in 30 minutes step

Simply head over to the Windows Phone Store to snag the applications.

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