On the eve of E3, Major Nelson revamps his site, MajorNelson.com

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The new MajorNelson.com

Larry Hyrb, Xbox’s “Major Nelson” set out when he launched his blog, on MajorNelson.com, in 2004, to use this new format called “blogging” to deliver accurate and timely Xbox gaming news and information, “straight from the source”.  Of course, once every 11 years or so it’s probably time for a site refresh, and even though E3 is next week, Larry took the plunge and launched his redesigned site today.

According to his first post to the new site (all of the previous content has been preserved, of course), Hyrb lays out some of the new features:

A new design that I hope you’ll like.
Better use of your screen real estate to show more content.
The site is now properly optimised for most screens….big or small (yes, this means FINALLY a mobile friendly version.)
A ton of little touches that you’ll notice as you navigate through the site.

 There’s definitely been a “turn back time” element to visiting the old MajorNelson.com design, which despite the nostalgia always hit with a bit of a shock.  Congratulations to Larry for taking the plunge!

What do you think of the new design?

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