Eve Devices’ feature-packed Spectrum desktop monitor enters final stages, ships Q4 2020

Kareem Anderson

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Despite plenty of push for a return to normalcy, cautious employers are still issuing work-from-home orders which have resulted in a confluence of circumstances ripe for PC makers and home office supply manufacturers.

Fortunately, the company that once challenged Microsoft for the premium detachable market, Eve Devices happens to be at the intersection of both PC maker and home office supply OEM as its new Spectrum monitor nears its release date later this year.

According to Eve Devices, the Spectrum monitor is entering its final lap where those who pre-ordered based on wireframes and concept art will now be able to see real-life prototypes being assembled and beta testing of the device will begin in mere weeks.

Eve Device Monitor

As mentioned back in January, Eve Devices is looking to ship the Spectrum in Q4 of 2020 in spite of a global pandemic that ground most manufacturing production to a halt for the better part of three months back in Spring.

As anxious first adopters wait for their devices to be delivered, the Eve team is offering a suggested roadmap of next steps for the company as a bit of transparency to the thousands of crowdsourced participants who helped bring this monitor to life.

What’s coming up next

In the coming weeks we will continue to test these prototypes, and expect to receive more advanced prototypes based on our findings and feedback. This takes time, but the most important task at hand is to make sure every single flaw is ironed out, and every bug is caught.

Among other things, we are also going to:

  • make sure that all ports and connections work as specified.
  • developing the monitor’s firmware and initial OSD.
  • send units out for all appropriate testing and certification, such as HDMI, HDR, FreeSync, etc.
  • develop standard operation procedures (SOPs), a sort of assembly manual for factory workers.
  • develop a quality standard for final quality control, which will dictate tolerances like those for pixel defects, light leaks, and other defects.
  • test packaging for durability and safe shipping.

For the next few weeks, the Eve team plans to put the Spectrum through some rigorous testing to meet internal expectations while also testing firmware and drivers.

As with the development of the Eve-V, the team is in constant contact with its forums and routinely sends out updates on processing, manufacturing, concept brainstorms, and all of the unaccounted for intangibles that arise along the way. Visit the forums for more information about the process thus far or going forward with the Spectrum as well as lending a comment or suggestion that could help solidify the feature set for this monitor before its Q4 release window.