European and US markets show rise in Windows Phone sales

European and US markets show rise in Windows Phone sales

Windows Phone continues its robust growth all over the globe. According to a new Kantar report, following changes that took place in the month of February, Microsoft’s operating system for smartphones has seen a significant growth in many regions, including USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

In Europe, which like the majority of the regions is dominated by Android, Windows Phone now powers 9.7% of handsets. It has done pretty well in other regions as well. Gaining around 1.2% of market share, Windows Phone now powers around 5.3% of handsets in USA. Similarly, in United Kingdom, the OS has allured 3.4% new users as a result of which its share has finally reached double figures with 10.1%.

Furthermore, in Germany, the company has gained 2.1% to see the share percentage rise from 5.4 to 7.5 in a course of one year. Echoing a similar share boost in Italy, the company has seen a 4.1% growth.

Now Microsoft needs to concern itself with Japan and China, where the company’s mobile operating system is yet to see some traction. In Japan, there is a drop of 0.2%, whereas in China, Windows Phone has fell by 0.3%.

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