Ericsson acquires Microsoft's Mediaroom, now Microsoft can focus on it's TV strategy with Xbox

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Microsoft has revealed in an official blog post today that the company has finalized a deal with Ericsson to acquire Mediaroom, Microsoft's IPTV platform. With Ericsson's acquisition, Microsoft can now focus more on improving the Xbox platform when it comes to TV.

"Today, Microsoft and Ericsson announced a definitive agreement for Ericsson to acquire Mediaroom, the number one IPTV platform deployed by TV operators around the world. This acquisition is mutually beneficial and strategically aligned for both parties," Microsoft revealed in an official blog post.

Microsoft and Ericsson have been in talks for the past few weeks. With this acquisition, Ericsson can focus on the growth and success of the Mediaroom platform while Microsoft can now shift its focus back to the Xbox platform for it's consumer TV strategy.

Now that Mediaroom is off Microsoft's table, the software giant is going to dedicate all TV resources to the Xbox entertainment platform. Microsoft wants to make the Xbox platform the "premium entertainment service" that not only delivers games, but entertainment as well. There are over 76 million Xbox 360 consoles around the world and 46 million Xbox Live members, which, as Microsoft puts it, "gets us out of bed in the morning."

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