Eric Schmidt Highest on CEO Approval Ratings, Steve Ballmer Falls to 40%

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Apr 1st, 2011 inNews

Glassdoor, a site designed to allow employees of companies to anonymously share their thoughts on their jobs, has released its latest survey looking at the approval ratings of CEOs. This year, soon to be ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt leads the ratings with Steve jobs in second place, a reversal of last year’s ratings.

The results below come courtesy of TechCrunch:

Most notably, Steve Ballmer’s approval has dropped to just 40% within the company. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had the biggest decline dropping 27% within one year to 50%. This should be of no surprise considering Yahoo’s lackluster performance throughout the year.

Glassdoor’s methodology involves simply asking employees “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?” It seems apparent that ever more employees within Microsoft are questioning Ballmer’s ability to successfully lead the company and out-innovate its competitors.

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