New podcast focused on the technology coming out of Microsoft is now available

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Episode one of a new podcast focused at looking at new technology coming out of Microsoft is out now
Technology companies are constantly delivering new products which change the way we interact with the world and each other. Microsoft in particular has been releasing new services, programs, devices and ways of using technology. A blog was made named Next at Microsoft which showcases different products and people who are involved in pushing the envelope of technology today. Now, George Takei will host a podcast which will bring on different interesting people to talk about technology.

Getting his fame from being on Star Trek, George Takei has always been interested in how technology is growing every day. On Star Trek a device called the Universal Translator was used by the crew to communicate with other forms of life, and today Skype's real-time translator has done something similar for enabling natural communication between people speaking different languages. The first episode of the new podcast is currently available for download, grab it below.

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