Epic Games to pay out $245 million as part of FTC lawsuit settlement

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As we reported back in December 2022, the FTC reached a $520 million settlement with Epic Games in its lawsuit claiming the latter designed its site to trick users into making unwanted purchases.

As part of that settlement, Epic Games will have to pay $240 million to the FTC which will use to provide refunds to consumers. This in addition to $275 million in penalties. The FTC formally made the announcement on Tuesday in a press release.

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At the center of the lawsuit was Fortnite, a game typically popular among younger gamers.

Among the allegations of the FTC suit were that the company used design tricks known as “dark patterns” (such as inconsistent button layouts paired with single-click buying) to make it easy for users, particularly children, to make unintended in-game purchases in games like Fortnite (an Epic Games IP). The FTC cited the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule, and Epic Games’ alleged violation thereof, in its suit.

You can view the FTC’s order in full here.

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