Epic and Microsoft form a partnership to better healthcare IT

Epic and Microsoft form a partnership to better healthcare IT

Many times Microsoft’s technologies are held as the gold standard for business productivity, so when the healthcare IT company Epic was looking for a partner, Microsoft was the obvious choice. Microsoft has a rich history of developer tools and data privacy to reinforce their software offerings. The most valuable tool to Epic was Microsoft’s virtualization tool Hyper-V which was used to provide seamless access to private data from a range of access points.

Azure was used to archive records using the same highly secure measures which are taken when storing records locally. Microsoft has an extensive list of certified technologies for EHR making their products not only easy to use and seamless to upgrade but also compliant right out of the box without extra third party software to achieve compliance.

Lots of hospitals already run Windows on their computers which makes running and managing Windows Server and using Hyper-V a no-brainer. Doctors and nurses are already familiar with Windows devices which lowers the learning curve and gets hospitals going with new technology but requires less training. Microsoft remains firmly positioned at the center of business and productivity and this position is reinforced with this new partnership with Epic.

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